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REVENGIN (Symphonic Metal - Brazylia)

REVENGIN (Symphonic Metal - Brazylia) w Vinyl

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niedziela, 21 września 2014
darmowy, bilety

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REVENGIN (Symphonic Metal - Brazylia) - plakat
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Zdjęcia i obrazy

Revengin - female vocals symphonic metal - Rio de Janeiro / Brazylia
Hermetic Evolution

Wjazd: 15zł
Otwarcie klubu 19:00
Start: 20:00

Revengin is a Brazilian female fronted melodic Metal band founded in September 2008 through a natural selection of the time, of ideals and a willingness to absorb and convey feelings in both the subjects of the lyrics and the musical structure.
They mix all styles and stories of each member, thus developing a unique style that does not fit into a musical aspect and also has no such intention . The compositions are made by humans and for humans.
Revengin has been showing his work to the public through their 4-track EP entitled “Synergy of The Ashes” released in June 2009. This first album opened some doors in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the main Brazilian “Metal” states.
In 2012 they released their first full length “Cymatics” which features 11 tracks that were written and created in a conscious way , but without leaving the atmosphere of chance permeate these compositions . The context was based on the Full Cymatics which is the study of waves is associated with the physical patterns produced through the interaction of sound waves in a medium. It’s as if the sound were able to interfere in the matter and that is precisely what the Revengin’s proposal is, that through their music people can have an internal transformation and reflect on their lifes and practice in social life. And it was with this album that they became a reference in Brazilian Symphonic Metal style.
After some obstacles faced in late 2011 and with the departure of former bassist (Rafael Silva) in 2012, as a matter of overcoming itself, the band remained reclused, working hard on his new project, closing partnerships and today the line up is Bruna Rocha (vocals), Thiago Contrera (guitar and guttural), Hugo Bhering (drums), Pedro Henrique France (bass) and Diego Silva (keyboards).
2014 started already good with being support in Brazil of ReVamp on their South American Tour. The band is planning their first European tour and the release of “Cynmatics” by the British label Secret Service Records in the digipack and LP version, containing unreleased and exclusive tracks.
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